Let me introduce myself.


I am a senior at Notre Dame High School Belmont and am currently documenting my journey through AP Biology. Biology is my favorite subject and I look to pursue a biology-related major in the future and work in medicine. Watch my Emaze slideshow to learn more about me!


We’ve traversed far and long to reach the final destination – the end of AP Bio! How did time fly so fast? I still remember my first blog post about stem cell research. Look how immensely I’ve progressed in my blogging skills!

I’ve always wanted to make a super fancy and complex website because I love design. However, technology and I don’t always get along, and I get frustrated navigating the controls when I build my site. Through the difficulties, I gave my best effort to make my site visually engaging and appealing (personally, I think that’s very important).

In the early stages of my website, I added no links or pictures, and the text was quite bulky and verbose. Now, I know to separate the text with captioned pictures and allow the audience to discover more information by linking other web pages or even my other blog posts. I learned about embedding videos, screencasting on QuickTime, and using sites like Wideo, Pictochart, and Voicethread. I feel like an expert now!

My favorite part about my site was adding all the different media I created over the year. Mrs. Girard allowed us to explore all the different internet tools that let us create professional-looking products, like my plant and Marburg virus infographics and neuroscience Stop Motion. I have never created an Emaze, which is featured above, until AP Biology. One of the posts I am most proud of was my contribution to the IDEO challenge that asks how we can reduce food waste. I drew out different scenes of a “Food Waste Forecast” that allows viewers see how much food is wasted throughout their county.

Hopefully you can see my progress too! Feel free to comment suggestions for the future. I would love to keep improving!


I have made a video to that will guide you through this year! I know you’ll succeed in AP Bio!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Edith Leung

    Wow! Your site looks amazing! You have added so many blog posts since the beginning of the year, and your site is a totally different format from when you started. I really like how you added more pictures and links to your posts that made them more interactive. Before, you would just write long blocks of text, but now, the posts are more visually attractive. You seem like a professional now! You seem like a journalist with all of those field trip posts and personal photos. My favorite part is all of the videos you made, like the brain and drugs video! Good work!

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  2. Mavis Lui

    Nice blog! I had to make one like this in Sports Med last year. I love how we can write about topics that we are interested in – it gives the class a personal feel and makes it more relevant to our lives. All the videos you made are so fancy! I feel like I could never do that. I also really liked your chlorophyll infographic – the color scheme was really nice 🙂 I’ve never used any of these sites that you used to make such high-tech media. I’ll have to ask you for recommendations for my next project!

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  3. Katie Smoot

    Hey Michelle! I’m amazed at your website! I can’t believe you did all of this in AP Bio. The class looks super fun – I’m jealous! It looks like you spent a lot of time perfecting the details to make this site run smoothly. I really like the small added bonuses like your Twitter feed and “blogs you follow” sections on the sidebar. All of your posts are super scientific and the videos, drawings, and media you made look like a professional digital media maker made them. I would never had guessed that someone in high school did all of this!
    One recommendation I make is that for your drop down bars, you make the blog posts from the most recent to the first, not the first to the most recent posts. That way, the viewer doesn’t have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the dropdown to find the latest post, especially if your menu is long.
    Otherwise, your site is organized and detailed. I love it!

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  4. Michelle, Your site is awesome! I can see the level of development over the year! You always wanted to challenge yourself by trying new tools and techniques. You never wavered in taking on the next task. You faced each challenge head on. You have inspired me by your focused determination. I have valued the opportunity to be with you along your NDB journey and spending two years together in class was wonderful! What an incredible academic, leader, teammate, talented woman you have become. There are so many roads that lie ahead of you. Know that you don’t need to have each turn in the road in sight just yet. Enjoy the journey and know that you have the skills and fortitude to overcome any potholes along the way. (just thought I would be a bit flowery in my last post to you) Thank you for being a vital part of Team AP Bio. So many opportunities for exploration lie ahead. Cherish them and be sure to share them with me…you know where to find me!


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