Face the Future


On Monday, November 14, my entire biology class participated in a worldwide online game called Face the Future. This game was simulating a possible future social device called FeelThat, where everyone could feel everyone else’s emotions. Face the Future allowed players to express their thoughts on this game with “cards” that were similar to tweets, and we could react and respond to other players’ cards as well.

I found some of the ideas really fascinating and innovative. One of my favorite positive “cards” said that FeelThat could be used for people with Asperger’s (or anything along the autism spectrum) who cannot read body language or sense emotion the way humans are supposed to. Instead of reading body language and facial expressions, people with autism can connect to the FeelThat device and sense other people’s emotions.

A negative “card” I wrote about FeelThat is the inhuman aspect of technologically connecting our emotions with other people. Many other people agreed with me. Our generation is connected through so many social media platforms already, and people complain about our lack of real communication. Why are we inventing even more devices to minimize our ability to talk with one another? Using FeelThat is like mind-reading. Would we ever talk or confront others if we had something that told others what our emotions were for us? I don’t think there is a need for something like FeelThat. We are humans and this seems so against human nature.


One thought on “Face the Future

  1. Edith Leung

    What a cool game. I thought we were living in a pretty futuristic world already but I guess I haven’t been updated with the tech world as of late. I also find it weird how someone would even think to invent a game where people could feel each others’ emotions. That seems unnecessary and inhuman, like you said. We could just speak our emotions and see them through body language like humans were meant to do.

    The medical application of FeelThat has a lot of potential. I like how someone thought of using the game for people who can’t read other people’s emotions, instead of potentially intrusive reasons.

    One thing you didn’t mention is a positive card that you put out. What did you say that was positive, if you thought of anything positive for this game?


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