Meiosis in Action


Here is my meiosis animation that I created with Gina! Just to summarize the process of meiosis…

Meiosis is the formation of four haploid gametes from a somatic cell. Meiosis is almost like repeating mitosis twice, with a few significant changes in certain steps. Meiosis I creates two daughter cells with 2n chromosomes. What makes Meiosis I different than mitosis is that in prophase I, the homologous chromosomes cross over some genetic information with each other. This creates genetic diversity in species. The cell splits divides in two, creating two genetically different cells. During interphase, the cell has 4n chromosomes, but after the divide, each cell has 2n chromosomes. Meiosis II creates four daughter cells with n chromosomes. Each of the two daughter cells from Meiosis I splits again, making four genetically different haploid cells. The new sex cells only have half as many chromosomes as a zygote needs.

And a little reflection on the project…

Making stop motions is challenging, especially when you’re under a time crunch and don’t have much time to perfect the positions and make the animation totally fluid. It’s particularly hard for me because I’m such a perfectionist and when it comes to art and other visual-type projects and things I really want it to look presentable. But I had to compromise to finish on time and just get the point of the video across, which I think we did fairly well.


One thought on “Meiosis in Action

  1. Edith Leung

    Another stop motion? Very cool. I can see you guys are very creative and techy in this class.

    Now I fully understand meiosis… I read the meiosis lab before this and I think I should have watched this first. Anyway, thanks to this cool animation I know how cell division works!

    One thing I would have done was take more pictures and move the pieces less far each time to make the movement more smooth.


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