Above and Beyond – DNA Extraction


I extracted DNA from a banana! The results weren’t exactly as planned, but this was still fun to do regardless. Watch exactly how I did it in this video.


One thought on “Above and Beyond – DNA Extraction

  1. Edith Leung

    I was wondering what you were doing with all the mushy bananas and plastic bags in the kitchen… You used up the rest of our bunch for the week! You sound like you are Ina Garten on Food Network doing a cooking show.

    This is a very cool experiment. I remember Monica doing a similar experiment with her DNA from her cheek at St. Anne. I saw her DNA in a plastic test tube. The DNA that I passed down to her!

    You already said in your video the suggestion that I have for you. You could have adjusted the way you did the experiment to make the DNA stick together.

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