Genetics Symposium: Down Syndrome


For my final project of first semester, Quinlyn and I researched Down Syndrome and made a Voicethread about it! I wanted to learn about Down Syndrome because it is really common, in fact the most genetic disorder, and wanted to know what problems people were referring to when they talked about Down Syndrome or people with Down Syndrome. This really helped me understand more about people with behavioral and mental challenges because like all of us, they have emotions and goals, but have a hard time integrating socially. I appreciate that I live in a time where people with mental disabilities are accepted and understood better than, say, in the last generation and all of time before that, where they were institutionalized and socially exiled.

This was one of the most interesting topics I’ve covered in biology because I love genetics. I’m so glad we had different groups and students research different genetic disorders because I wanted to learn about all of them in depth.


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