Thoughts on My First Semester Website


Wow! Looking through all the different posts I’ve added to my website from just a couple months of AP Bio makes me proud of all the work I’ve done. I’ve never had to make a real website for any class before. I have some blogs on Blogger here and there, but nothing as complex as this site. I am no tech-savvy girl, but I feel satisfied that I know how to get around WordPress fairly decently.

I am no tech-savvy girl, but I feel satisfied that I know how to get around WordPress fairly decently. I have a passion for design and the combination of organization, aesthetic, and function, which is what I think this website helps me achieve. Normally, for school-related platforms, I have to be quite formal and follow strict guidelines. However, my blog is an expression of myself. It’s so liberating to not have to worry about contractions and proper English wording and just say what I need to say!

I think if I understood how to navigate WordPress more, I would be able to customize my site even better. I would really like to add my own pictures (I love photography!), but the quality never turns out right. Plus, every time I try to add a featured photo into a post or my home and about page, it looks out of place, so I end up taking the photo out. I also would like to change the color of the tabs when you hover over the menu, but I can’t seem to find the setting for it.

As with anything, there’s room for improvement, which I intend to make in my second semester. I wonder how this website will be in May!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on My First Semester Website

  1. Edith Leung

    I like what you’ve changed so far! The layout of the site looks much cleaner and the space is filled sufficiently. Before, there seemed to be a lot of blank white space. The red and gray really go together! I like how you included some of your tweets under the menu bar.

    A suggestion I have for you is to personalize your website more. Add a little more description for every time you post something like a video where you’re not writing a lengthy blog post. For example, in your DNA extraction video, include some of the scientific explanations you spoke about in you video. It gives your post a little more meat.
    Maybe include pictures of yourself or the pictures you take to give your page some more life?

    Otherwise, I like what I’m seeing so far!

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  2. Michelle, Your site is really coming along! I love the updates to the format and colors. You really have an eye for design. I’m not sure why you say you are not tech-savvy since each time you face a tech challenge you never give up and prevail! I agree with Edith about adding a bit more when you post because what you have to share is awesome!!!! I can’t wait to see what you create over the next few months 🙂


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