Round Up: Evolution


Yes, there’s still more for Season 9; evolution covers a wide range of topics!

Our class took a mini break from class to Byxbee Park in Palo Alto to Save the Bay. We took part in the DIRT program for high schoolers, and we examined the soil of the restored tidal marshes. Our beautiful San Francisco Bay was once a dumping ground for industries and ships, but now Save the Bay works to protect and restore the natural beauty. Team AP Bio collected data on pH, salinity, moisture, and biodiversity, which will be used by Save the Bay to analyze the progress that the tidal marshes are making.

Byxbee Park

We then did an investigation on the California Salamanders and the evolution of the patterns on the salamanders based on their location. Salamanders closer to the coast had bright and light-colored (red, orange) and many small, dark spots, while salamanders further east possessed dark bodies with fewer, larger spots.

We also looked at the scale of the universe and all that exists in our knowledge. This website compared the size of the Milky Way galaxy and Redwood trees to a grain of sand and ultraviolet light. Check out this website here!
Overall, we had a super fun and interactive time connecting with California and its local species and natural environment. We will continue more with evolution, Darwin’s finches, and even the relationship with the evolution and the Church. Stay tuned for more AP Bio!
If you would like to read the other Round Ups written by my AP Bio teammates, check out AP Bio Rockstars, our class blog!

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