Citizen Science


Never heard of citizen science? It’s important stuff involving YOU! Yes, that’s right. Watch my Powtoon to find out why!


2 thoughts on “Citizen Science

  1. Edith Leung

    Interesting – I didn’t know citizen science was such an established concept. I agree that it’s important for us regular citizens to participate in scientific projects. How else would scientists collect data from our area if they were based in New York or Chicago? It’s so satisfying to be a part of something greater than yourself. Your Limpets and Save the Bay gave you a good opportunity to learn about our local habitats!

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  2. Go Powtoon! While you may not feel confident in your tech skills, you are VERY tech savvy! You have impressed me time and time again with the way you challenge yourself to try new tools and techniques. Your video is informative. You share what citizen science is, how we can impact science, and the positive impacts on the citizens as well. You did this all in 90 seconds! Well done 🙂


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